White Stones Gallery exhibitions 2007

Sculpture, Painting, Print, & Photography

Below you can see the exhbitions we ran in 2007. If you are an artist and are interested in exhibiting here please get in contact. Also please contact us if you would like to be kept informed of upcoming exhibitions and private views.

White Stones Cafe Gallery opening hours are, Mon-Sat 9am-5pm and Sundays from 10am to 4pm.

15th November till January 9th, 2008

The Christmas show is called; 'Christmas Montage'. A mixed exhibition of painting, sculpture, ceramics and photography by established and up and coming local Dorset artists. Artists exhibiting in 'Christmas Montage' show:

  • Jan Walker - painting
  • Liz Wright - painting
  • Rein Fullylove - painting
  • Jenny Adams - assemblage
  • Brian Palmer - painting
  • Tiffany Scull - Ceramics
  • Angelika Seik - sculpture
  • Michael Bizley - sculpture
  • Roy Winstanly - painting
  • Kate Wyatt - painting
  • David Nicholls - sculpture
  • Ben Pipe - photography
  • Roger Smith - Photography
  • Tamsin Watkin-Jones - ceramics


David Nicholls - sculpture

Rein Fully

Rein Fullylove - painting

Crying Woman

Angelika Seik - sculpture

Micheal Bizley

Micheal Bizley - sculpture


jan walker - painting

Jan Walker - painting

CockRobin - prints

Cock Robin

Kate Wyatt - painting

Kate Wyatt - painting

Kate Wyatt - painting

Kate Wyatt - painting


Ben Pipe - photography

Jenny Adams

Jenny Adams - assemblage



Tiffany Scull - Ceramics


Tiffany Scull - Ceramics

Tamsin Watkins Jones - ceramics

Tamsin Watkins Jones, ceramics

4th October till 14th November

A group show of artists from Poole Printmakers - John Bunday, Diane Roberts, Felicity House, and Ros Vall, alongside ceramics by Tamsin Watkins Jones.

Tamsin Watkins Jones - ceramics

Tamsin Watkins Jones - ceramics

Tamsin Watkins Jones, ceramics

Ros Vall - Prints

Ros Vall, Printmaker

John Bunday - prints

John Bunday - Printmaker

Diane Roberts, prints

Diane Roberts - Printmaker

Felicity House - prints

Felicity House - Printmaker

August 9th till 3rd October

A group show of local artist inspired by Dorset coastline. Artists featured will be Joy White, photography; Su Briggs, contemporary sculpture using wire and arcylic; Ben Pipe, photography; and Christine Allison, paintings; Ron Jesty, watercolour; Robin Rae, painting.

This exhibition is part of Dorset Marine week 11th - 19th August (for more info see: www.chesilbeach.org and www.coastlink.org. Dorset Marine week is a heritage and lottery funded event celebrating the coast and seas of Portland and Dorset.

Portland lighthouse

Ben Pipe, photography

Joy White, boat

Joy White, photography

Joy White, breakwater

Joy White, photography

Su Briggs breakwater

Su Briggs

Su Briggs, sculpture

Ron Jesty painting

Ron Jesty, watercolour

Robin Rae painting

Robin Rae, painting

Christine Allison

Christine Allison, painting

Christine Allison

Christine Allison, painting

Ben Pipe, Pulpit Rock

Ben Pipe, photography

5th July till 8th August

Artists featured will be Dianna Jazwinski, photography; Jane Ashdown, prints; and Mark Ponsford, paintings

Daisies photo

Rough Hawkbit photo

Mark Ponsford - painter

Jane Ashdown, printmaker, still wood

Friday 1st June till Wednesday 4th July

Artists featured will be Mike Jackson, paintings; David Nicholls, sculpture; and Peter Mogg, contemporary vessels.

Mike Jackson - painting art work from local Dorset artist

David Nicholls  art work from local Dorset artist

Peter Mogg contemporary vessels  art work from local Dorset artist

See the range of exhibitions we ran in 2010 and those in 2009, 2008 and 2007. You will see local artists working in a range of media including sculpture, painting, print, and photography.